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Jennifer James Mixed-Media: Jennifer James is a Chicago based mixed-media artist. Originally from St. Louis, Jennifer graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a BFA in Visual Art and Graphic Design and a minor inLiterature. She lives in the East Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago where she teaches art workshops through the group she founded in 2010 — the Chicago Rebel Craft League — and shows her work throughout the year at fine art festivals and exhibits. Her work is full of vintage imagery that she finds at estate sales, family photo albums and researching the internet; vintage books, acrylic, watercolor pencil, ink, vintage papers are all brought together to transform forgotten figures of the Victorian era into works of art that share a story of who they may have been, often with the help of quotations.

chicago rebel craft league

Chicago Rebel Craft League

In 2010 I started the Chicago Rebel Craft League in the interest of connecting and building relationships with other women artists in Chicago, and in response to the high cost of art workshops in the city. Since it's inception, i've taught nearly 100 workshops, and gathered more than 700 members into the group. Workshops range from ATC's, Mixed-Media Collage, Beeswax Collage, Tunnel Books, Garlands, Jewelry and more. It's a way to experiment with new forms of art without the initial investment and explore what you connect with in artistic expression. There are Open Studios as well, along with art field trips around the city - fests, galleries, shows, plays and openings. Join the CRCL today.


ATC Workshop

Artist Trading Cards are 3.5" x 2.5" mini works of art! The ATC movement developed out of the mail art movement and has its origins in Switzerland. Cards are produced in various media, including dry media (pencils, pens, markers, etc.), wet media (watercolor, acrylic paints, etc.), sewing, or paper media (in the form of collage, papercuts, found objects, etc.).


Mixed-Media Collage Workshop

Many of you have asked that I teach a workshop featuring my own style of mixed-media collage. Whether you are new to mixed-media collage or want to join us to create a beautiful finished piece of art, this workshop is for you! 

Using my own techniques from start to finish, you'll create a vintage-inspired work of art on canvas that you can treasure for years, and learn a new form of art.


Tunnel Book Workshop

Tunnel Books, derived from the traveling peep shows of the last century, hold interesting and challenging design opportunities. A tunnel or peephole book is a set of pages bound into accordions on two sides and viewed through a central opening. Scenery or shapes are cut out of the pages and then assembled in layers.


About the Chicago Rebel Craft League

The Chicago Rebel Craft League is a meetup group organized to inspire women who love arts of all kinds and have different interests and passions to get together to create, share, talk and learn about art...

If you'd like to get together to make unique art, acquire some new techniques, get inspired, and learn from others with a DIY aesthetic, then this group is for you! We will have open studio time where you can just come, hang out, create and have fun, and more specific classes where we will learn new art forms together.

Ideally, you'll be interested in crafts & projects that are both fun to make and have a design-oriented focus. We will find projects and tackle them together from the ground up. We will also make excursions to craft fairs, markets, and other fun stuff happening in the Chicago area.

The Chicago Rebel Craft League has been organized for local artists to be able to come together and learn new techniques with exciting workshops in areas of bookbinding, printmaking, jewelry making, sewing, supplies swaps, finished craft swaps, ATC's (Artist's Trading Cards), altered art, postcards, mixed-media, painting, card making, metal work, collage, altered books, hand-made jewelry, ceramics, bookmaking, etc.

Workshops are open to artists and craftspeople at all experience levels.